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@misz.ISSADec 02 2022
ICC Club Profit 0
@ZenasDec 02 2022
ICC Club Profit 1
@FinHenry511Dec 02 2022
ICC Club Profit 2
@ShiShi📈Dec 02 2022
ICC Club Profit 3
@wynndDec 02 2022
ICC Club Profit 4
@LLLM88Dec 02 2022
ICC Club Profit 5
@VincenzoDec 02 2022
ICC Club Profit 6
@ManapotDec 02 2022
ICC Club Profit 7
@FOMO KIMODec 02 2022
ICC Club Profit 8
@FOMO KIMODec 02 2022
ICC Club Profit 9
@LLLM88Dec 02 2022
ICC Club Profit 10
@namdoseanDec 02 2022
ICC Club Profit 11
@ShiShi📈Dec 01 2022
ICC Club Profit 12
@FinHenry511Dec 01 2022
ICC Club Profit 13
@namdoseanDec 01 2022
ICC Club Profit 14
@VINov 30 2022
ICC Club Profit 15
@ZenasNov 30 2022
ICC Club Profit 16
@FOMO KIMONov 30 2022
ICC Club Profit 17
@$CQNov 30 2022
ICC Club Profit 18
@Axe69Nov 30 2022
ICC Club Profit 19
@FOMO KIMONov 30 2022
ICC Club Profit 20
@waiuphighNov 30 2022
ICC Club Profit 21
@ChefNov 28 2022
ICC Club Profit 22
@LOL Strat JournalNov 23 2022
ICC Club Profit 23
@ManapotNov 23 2022
ICC Club Profit 24
@Dylan DeLaterNov 23 2022
ICC Club Profit 25
@ManapotNov 23 2022
ICC Club Profit 26
@Das_KrugNov 21 2022
ICC Club Profit 27
@namdoseanNov 21 2022
ICC Club Profit 28
@waiuphighNov 18 2022
ICC Club Profit 29
@namdoseanNov 18 2022
ICC Club Profit 30
@waiuphighNov 18 2022
ICC Club Profit 31
@FOMO KIMONov 18 2022
ICC Club Profit 32
@FOMO KIMONov 17 2022
ICC Club Profit 33
@ShiShi📈Nov 17 2022
ICC Club Profit 34
@waiuphighNov 17 2022
ICC Club Profit 35
@DjjzNov 17 2022
ICC Club Profit 36
@FOMO KIMONov 17 2022
ICC Club Profit 37
@AceruckusJun 17 2022
"I heard about ICA from a friend back in January but decided to do some paper trading. Was a rollercoaster ride to say the least. I was definitely not controlling my emotions partly because it was paper trading. After taking the class, I learned more about what to watch out for. E..."
@musakusaMay 13 2022
"Damn i really dont know where to start, cant lie Kimo is one of the most genuine people ive met in my life, its rare to find a guy that only really cares about educating people with no financial incentive. It began 2 years ago me messaging him on instagram and asking about the st..."
@RegMar 16 2022
"I have been part-time trading since 2021 summer. After I graduated with my master's degree, I looked for remote work because I love freedom. I tried to learn Data science which was good but a little boring . My second option was trading which I had little experience in my past. I..."
@kev.Feb 28 2022
"Hey everyone, would love to give a big thank you to Kimo & Eric. I’ve tried to get into trading stocks when COVID started but had zero direction and did not stick to it. I started seeing Kimo share his platform more around late 2021. I joined back in the end of Nov 2021 (wish I..."
@MasterSeefutFeb 18 2022
"I found ICC through my brother and decided to join the Alpha class to learn about technical analysis. Prior to the class I had zero knowledge of how to chart or anything that had to do with technical analysis. Kimo and Eric tailors the class to fit any level of traders and will s..."
@RocketmanFeb 18 2022
"If you’ve never traded options before but are looking to learn and find an edge, you found the right place. Not only is there a ton of educational content for a beginner like me to soak in, the friendly ICC community provided me with the knowledge and guidance to learn a skill th..."
@Das_KrugFeb 17 2022
"I’ve been trading for just over a year and a half now and when I started I had no clue what I was doing and YOLOing into every play. I got unlucky one time and blew up my account. I wanted to trade and saw how much freedom it can bring me. I saved up to open another account and..."
@HammyMoonsFeb 17 2022
"I’ve been trading off and on for a few years but decided to go more full time last year.. Joining ICC about 4 months ago was one of the best investments in my trading journey! Went diamond from the gate and made my membership fee back plus 4x in my first month! This is the first ..."
@Awright921Feb 17 2022
"I’ve always been a Naked Call trader or Leap investor. It was the easiest the understand (most risky obviously) but it was what I knew. The guys here in ICC showed me there’s numerous ways to make money whether you’re extremely conservative or balls to the wall aggressive. No jud..."
@ZenasFeb 17 2022
"Hello everyone, I joined ICC’s discord a little before the official launch and I can say this has been one of the best investments I’ve made so far. I have a full time job and did not think it was possible to squeeze in some time in the day to trade. I also did not know much abou..."
@FinHenry511Feb 17 2022
"I got into stocks a little over a year ago with zero direction then. I joined ICC about 4 months ago with a basic understanding of day trading options and market analysis, I put together what I could from the internet, It wasn’t till I joined ICC that things started to “click” As..."
@Slam DunkFeb 17 2022
"Hello ladies and gents, I'm really not much of a writer but I know I owe it to Kimo and everyone here who has helped me grow into a profitable & consistent trader to write this testimonial. I joined ICC about 16 months ago and took the leap of faith of purchasing the diamond memb..."
@LLLM88Feb 17 2022
"Before joining the discord I followed the ICC instagram page. I have no idea how I stumbled upon it, but thank god I did. Kimo always put out amazing information on IG but after joining the discord I realized how much more information there was available to me (videos, tutorials,..."
@RJB708Feb 17 2022
"Hey everyone, I would like to say that I am very happy with my investment in ICC, Tool range from books, videos, 1 on 1, flow scanner, etc. Also I can say that Kimo is always replying to questions and there are other traders in here that will help if you ask, I recommend asking ..."
@$CQFeb 17 2022
"Since joining over two years ago, Kimo’s discord might have been one of the greatest investments that I have made. As a beginner in options trading, I was able to utilize the tools that he provided in his diamond membership such as the informational videos, ebooks, and showing us..."

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Options Flow
Real-time Option Flow Alerts
Options Flow uncovers large and unusual option trades to monitor what other traders and institutions are doing. We provide real-time option flow alerts!
Flow Scanner
Real-time Option Flow Scanner with Proprietary Algorithm
Flow Scanner filters through the raw data to provide a streamlined approach to discover what “Smart Money” is doing. Our proprietary algorithm distinguishes the more aggressive trades to give our members complete edge in their decision making. We provide real-time Flow Scanner alerts!
Dark Pool
Real-time Dark Pool Block Alerts
Dark pool trades, or prints, are equity block trades executed over-the-counter (OTC) through a private exchange only available to institutional investors. Understanding what the dark pool prints are revealing will help retail traders target high probability trades.
Unusual Options Activity
Real-time Unusual Options Activity Alerts
Unusual Options Activity (UOA) tells you when large hedge funds or institutions (Smart Money) are positioning for a substantial move in the underlying stock. Once the trade hits the tape our algorithm will signal the type of trade that was placed. We provide real-time Unusual Options Activity alerts!
Big Money Alerts
Real-time Million Dollar Option Alerts - Follow Smart & Big Money Plays
Big Money Alerts will reveal institutions and hedge funds who spend over $900,000 or more on any options position. When an order or print appears one can assume a significant move will happen to the underlying stock or option. We provide real-time Big Money Alerts!
Education Webinars
Educational Videos Hosted by Kimo on Trading and Investment Strategies
We provide educational content in which a complete beginner can join to take advantage to speed up his or her learning curve.



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